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Contract Payment


Four flexible

payment plans that

fit your production needs.

Effective January 2016

Bid/Pre-viz - No contract, complimentary service.


Hourly* - Great for those who are doing “spec work”, are unsure of their project's creative direction, or for those whose clients have a small budget.  Perfect for quick-turnaround projects, or for unlimited revisions.  Simple, no-lawyer contract.


Payment upon Delivery* - Contract price for a managed project. Limited versioning. Ideal for those with a vision of their completed project, but want the flexibility of a single payment.


Installment* - Three equal payments spread across the duration of the project. Project discount of 5% applied to final installment.  Perfect for those who need high-resolution content for their dailies, edit or presentation materials. Our most popular option.


Pre-pay - Payment at contract acceptance and get a whopping 10% off the project bid price! Immediate, non-watermarked downloads of iterations as they become available.  Ideal for those with clients who are actively involved in the decision-making process. Credit card fees waived.

*Credit card fees may apply.
Current Terms and Conditions
Rotary Club International "Mission Possible"

Available Downloads Based on Contract Option

Image Contract Options Table.  Please use contact form for questions or further information.
*vector or layered image files excluded