Terms and Conditions Effective September 2016

Contracts supersede this document.


PixelRodeo, LLC (PixelRodeo) to provide hourly estimate for each work for hire at a mutually agreed rate. Client design or storyboard approval required prior to project start.


Client assumes all responsibility for approved or provided artwork and/or source material. Client agrees to only provide PixelRodeo with images and/or recordings of licensed talent with appropriate modeling or consent releases; source material, artwork or data files that are owned or properly licensed. PixelRodeo agrees to acquire and provide client with all transferable license documentation, and acquire said license appropriate for client end-use. Client agrees to payment on demand for any pre-approved third-party talent, artist, sub-contractor, source material, stock footage, music, sound effects, plug-in, software, expendables, excess data storage, render farm or any production-related expense required by the project.


Time permitting, PixelRodeo to provide intermediate approval artwork throughout the production process. PixelRodeo to provide client the current status of time expended periodically or upon demand during production. Overages due to changes or unanticipated complications require client approval prior to project continuation or completion.


Client agrees to payment for all hours worked once project begins. Direction or approval from any client employee, representative or designee, unless previously agreed to in writing by both parties, constitute client consent. PixelRodeo retains ownership of all works for hire until payment.  Payment due immediately upon project completion and prior to delivery. Copyright license transfer as “Work for Hire”. Payment terms and accepted forms of payment to be provided to client prior to project start.  Project file(s) become the property of client upon payment. PixelRodeo will provide client with completed project file(s) in agreed form or format upon payment. PixelRodeo will retain project data file(s) at the discretion and convenience of the client. Although every effort will be made for the security of these file(s), PixelRodeo cannot be held liable for loss or theft.  After project completion, data may be deleted at any time without prior consent or notification.


Client assumes all risks and liabilities as a result of the work for hire and releases PixelRodeo and assigns upon transfer of license.  Client agrees to Credit Line of "PixelRodeo" when comparable credits are provided. Client releases PixelRodeo and assigns, from damages and direct or in-direct losses resulting from the delivered, incomplete or undelivered, work for hire. Client grants PixelRodeo and assigns, a license to the use of completed works for hire for marketing and promotion,  unless expressly prohibited or later revoked and notified by client.


PixelRodeo may refuse to begin or complete any project and will notify Client immediately if there is a conflict of interest, or is otherwise deemed unlawful or inappropriate. A refund will be provided to Client immediately upon this notification.


Non-disclosure and client confidentiality is assumed with contract agreements and are available upon request.